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April 10th, 2017
Battle Spirits in Indonesia !

Battle Spirits in Indonesia !


The official release for Battle Spirits ‘Radiant Descent’ Saga is near, and we are now stepping into the beginning of another brand new season for 2017.

Since the official launch of Battle Spirits in Singapore and Malaysia back in 2016, we have now expanded to another market opportunity with great potential – Indonesia.


Our official distributor of Battle Spirits, World of Cards wish to formally introduce Indonesia, a new addition to our area of distribution.

Indonesia shared our passion for Battle Spirits and we believe it will create a blooming market growing many more Battlers to come.


The following are the four official retailers currently spearheading the promotion of Battle Spirits in Indonesia:


Eternity Games

(located at the heart of Indonesia, Jakarta)


Orange Hobbies & Games

(located adjacent to the capital city, Tangerang)


Chrono Portal

(located adjacent to the capital city, Bekasi)



(located at the port city, Semarang)


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