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December 27th, 2016
Battle Spirits Singapore / Malaysia Championship Report

Battle Spirits Singapore / Malaysia Championship Report


On 17th and 18th Of December, Bandai Carddass organized the very first Battle Spirits championship for Singapore and Malaysia at Comic Fiesta 2016! Players from all over Malaysia gathered to compete for the title of Malaysia Champion! We will now report on the scenes and results from the event!


Day 1


▲Comic Fiesta was held inside this event hall, Dewan Tun Razak! We made an exclusive banner just for this event alone!




▲This is how our event space looked like after the setup was complete! Awesome!




▲First day of the Malaysian Championship! Players are queueing up to register and submit their decks. We had 60 participants for the first day!


6 7


▲While waiting for the pairing, players took the chance to submit their points in exchange for promotional items! Also, we had Battle Spirits masters teaching people who wanted to try a new game!




▲First round starts! Because of the sheer amount of players, we organized 6 rounds of Swiss to determine the top 2 players. These 2 players will then proceed to the next day and fight against Day 2’s top 2 players!




▲After 4 grueling hours of intense battling, we finally got the top 4 of Day 1. Each of them gets an exclusive playmat only given to the top 4 of each competition day!




▲Presenting the top ranked player of Day 1, Liew Hon Loon! Congratulations! You earned it!



Day 2

11 12


▲Players that could not make it to the top 4 on Day 1 were able to try their luck again on Day 2. We had 42 participants! The queue to enter the exhibition hall was really long too!




▲Day 2’s battle starts!




▲There are the top 4 players of Day 2! As expected, they received an exclusive playmat as well.




▲Presenting the top ranked player of Day 2, Daniel! Congratulations!


17 40


▲The top 2 of each day were then pitted against each other to fight it out for the title of Malaysia Champion! It was a nail-biting and nerve-wracking semi-final!




▲Final match! Who will emerge glorious?




▲We have our representatives at last! Liew Hon Loon, who emerged as the top player on Day 1, went on to become the Champion of Malaysia! On the right, we have Elton, who is the Singapore Champion! Both players will be invited to Japan to take part in the grand finals!




▲We presented the trophies to our representatives during the prize presentation stage! Everyone at Comic Fiesta now knows the power of Battle Spirits!