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February 13th, 2019
Announcement Regarding BS47-X01 [Emperor Beast King Z]

Announcement Regarding BS47-X01 [Emperor Beast King Z]
An error in the description of BS47-X01 [Emperor Beast King Z] Q&A on Japan website. The amendment is as followed:


BS47-X01 [Emperor Beast King Z]
(Q1: After this Spirit’s Lv2-Lv3 effect is activated, before the next [Opponent’s End Turn], opponent activates Cost 5/7/9 Spirit’s Burst, can the Spirit be summoned via the activated Burst effect?)


Wrong: A1:いいえ、召喚できません。この場合、バースト効果を発揮は出来ますが、召喚はされずに破棄されます。
(A1: It cannot be summoned. Burst effect can be activated, but it cannot be summoned and has to be discarded)


Correct: A1:はい、バースト効果を発揮したスピリットカードはこの効果を受けないので召喚できます。
(A1:It can be summoned. The Spirit activated the Burst effect is unaffected by this effect, and hence can be summoned.)


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the error.
Thank you all for your kind understanding and support.