Twelve God-Kings Saga Battle
About the Twelve God-Kings Saga Battle
It is a battle format in which decks are built including one or more cards with Family: God-King or Family: Ten Crown.
About the Twelve God-Kings Saga Battle
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Twelve God-Kings Saga Battle Shop List

The competition will be held under the official rules as listed on the website!

Make sure to read the official rules and Q&A before joining the competition!

  • *If you are unsure about rules during a battle, or have any questions, raise your hand and have the store staff make a judgment, and follow that judgment. Please note that correct judgments cannot be made after the battle has progressed.
  • *Please try to proceed with the game as smoothly as possible.
  • *If you believe your opponent is taking too long to think, please call over a staff member.
  • *Repeated long periods of thinking, even if they are under 2 minutes, may be judged as intentionally delaying the game.
  • *Unofficial Battle Spirits cards, such as copied cards, may not be used.

Competition format may differ depending on the Battle Spirits Shop. Please contact individual shops for details regarding the competition. Some competitions may have limitations such as age limit or require pre-application. Please check with the store before going to a competition. Merchandise contents are subject to change without notice.

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