Notice of Postponement of Battle Spirits Official Events
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Even though much safety precautions and measures have been placed, the effects of Covid-19 is still spreading in Japan. As such, in considerations of Players, Event Staff and all related personnel’s safety, we have decided to implement the following changes:

Applicable Events
■29th Feb. 2020 Battle Spirits Championship 2019 -超煌臨杯- Hokkaido area preliminary  postponed till 14th Nov (Sat) 2020
*There will not be on-site sales of merchandises. Also, there will be no entry to anyone other than participants (Excluding guardians of participants of Secondary School or younger 
■1st Mar. 2020 Battle Spirits 界放祭2019 Hokkaido area  Cancelled
■29th Mar. 2020 Battle Spirits Championship 2019 -超煌臨杯- World Championship  Cancelled
■Battle Spirits Championship 2020 -3on3-  Cancelled

*The information is released 16th Oct. 2020. 2020. The information may change depends on the situation.

Thank you for your support.
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