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[2020.8.12 updated]
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Dear esteemed Battlers, as always thank you very much for your kind support.

We have confirmed that there are cases regarding [BSC36][GREATEST RECORD 2020] sealed boxes not having 1 [XX Rare] card.

After much investigation, we have confirmed that around 1% of the total production is affected by this error.
We apologize for the tedious procedures, for those customers who are affected by this error, please kindly contact us by using the following details.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia area

Thai area

We deeply regret that this has brought about complications to our customers,

Henceforth, to prevent such error from occurring again, we have increased our efforts on our Manufacturing and Quality Control process. Once again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this error and we seek your understanding on this matter.

Notice of Postponement of Battle Spirits Official Events
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Due to the Coronavirus situation, Bandai has decided to postpone Battle Spirits Official Events which will be held in late February and March 2020.

Once the restart timing has been decided, we will update this Home Page with such information.

Applicable Events
■29th Feb. 2020 Battle Spirits Championship 2019 -超煌臨杯- Hokkaido area preliminary  Postponed
■1st Mar. 2020 Battle Spirits 界放祭2019 Hokkaido area  Postponed
■29th Mar. 2020 Battle Spirits Championship 2019 -超煌臨杯- World Championship  Postponed

*The information is released at 21th Feb. 2020. The information may change depends on the situation.

Thank you for your support.
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