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The following cards are banned or restricted from use in official/certified tournaments according to tournament regulations.

Normally up to 3 copies of the same card may be included in a Battle Spirits deck, but some cards are banned or restricted from in official/certified tournaments.
There are 4 classes: Banned cards, Restricted Cards <1>/ Restricted Cards <2>/Restricted Cards <20>. Each class has their own set limit to be included in a deck.

Please note that some cards maybe removed from the list of Banned and Restricted Cards upon each list renewal due to changes in the game environment.

The “Battle Spirits Special Research Department” regularly ensures game balance through the examination of the game environment to ensure Battle Spirits continues to be a fun TCG
Regarding the card [Booboo Man] which was given out during the collaboration with Seibuen Amusement Park. After much research , from 1st June 2017 onwards, this card will be restricted.

As this card allows you to have unlimited copies, there are cases where there are hundreds of copies in a deck, making the game very slow, destroying the fun of the game and obstructing the flow of events. Hence we have decided to restrict the number of cards in a deck.

In order to still retain the card's fun factor, we created a new Restricted zone for [Booboo Man] which is Restricted Card <20>

* Effective from June 1st 2017

Banned and Restricted Cards List applied currently

Banned Cards (Cards that cannot be included in your deck.)
  • ●Non-Japanese Battle Spirits TCG cards
  • ●GX-numbered cards (Anime character cards)
Restricted Cards <1> (Cards which you can only include 1 copy of, in your deck.)
Restricted Cards <2>(Cards which you can only include 2 copies of, in your deck.)

The are currently no cards in this class.

Restricted Cards <20>(Cards which you can only include 20 copies of, in your deck.)

* Card copies restricted first in official/certified tournaments.

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