Banned and Restricted Cards

The following cards are banned or restricted from use in official/certified tournaments according to tournament regulations.

Normally up to 3 copies of the same card may be included in a Battle Spirits deck, but some cards are banned or restricted from in official/certified tournaments.
There are 4 classes: Banned cards, Restricted Cards <1>/ Restricted Cards <2>/Restricted Cards <20>. Each class has their own set limit to be included in a deck.

Please note that some cards maybe removed from the list of Banned and Restricted Cards upon each list renewal due to changes in the game environment.

As the ≪BS Special Research Team≫ is always reflecting on the balance of [Battle Spirits] in order to increase the fun for Battle Spirits.
There was a loop found using [BS68-CX01 The Sorcerer Contractor, Hades] from BS68[ Contract Saga: Shin Vol.1 The Battle of Gods] released not long ago, as such, we implemented an emergency ban.
In consideration of infinite loop and its speed, we decided to not limit to (1) but instead, ban [BS52-017 The Netherealm Great Sorcerer, Echezeaux].
With the help from the [Contract GranField] of [The Sorcerer Contractor, Hades], you can easily summon [The Netherealm Great Sorcerer, Echezeaux] from the trash whose name has a [Sorcerer] in it. And using the summon effect of [The Netherealm Great Sorcerer, Echezeaux] to retrieve [BS35-088 Return Smoke], you can perform a loop to summon non-purple spirit cards. Even though the BS special research team does not despise the action of loop itself, we deem it as dangerous as it is difficult to interrupt actions done in the main step and loop interferes with the game progression. For example, forcing your opponent to only be able to focus on your action is equivalent to destroying gaming experience.
This loop is highly replicable. Using a contract card and putting parts from the loop into a deck is all it takes. As such, even without looking at the pick rate for competitions, to improve gaming experience for the new meta after [The Battle of Gods], there is an emergency response to the loop.

We will continue to monitor loops and implement emergency limitations when needed.
In consideration of the impact to the upcoming events, this ban will be with effects from 1st May 2024.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has brought to all the players and any related parties. We seek your understanding on this.

Banned Card
  • BS52-017 The Netherealm Great Sorcerer, Echezeaux

Battle Spirits Special Research Department

Banned and Restricted Cards updated on 2024.03.30

The [Battle Spirits Special Research Department] is constantly reviewing the game balance in order to keep Battle Spirits fun.
To tidy up the current game meta and in considerations of the latest meta, we have decided to add the following cards to the Banned and Limited list starting March 30, 2024.

Even though the current meta allows last year’s trend of allowing many decks to play a positive role, we recognized some power deck types that still hold a high usage and win rate.
Regarding meta cards that interferes with opponent’s actions, even though the usage of meta cards can help with slow decks, the important factor is the side where the meta card was used on having difficulty responding to it, will bring great frustration to the opponent.
As we welcome this year’s new series, [Contract Saga: Shin] and the appearance of [Contract GranWalker Nexus], we have made some adjustments to balance to meta.
In order to solve these problems and to allow players to enjoy Battle Spirits, we have edited the Banned and Limited list with the following 3 angles.

①In order for more decks to be used in competitive environment, we will ban and limit loop decks that interfere with tournament, as well as decks with high usage and win rate.

「Dark Initiation」is a card that can be included in all sorts of loop decks.
In the recent years. [Dark Initiation] loop has been appearing in competitions and it has been noticed that there will be obstruction to regular operation of the competition as there will be a double loss when time limit is up. As such, due to it being a card that obstructs the regular operations of competition, we have decided to skip across the limit of this card and goes directly to being banned.

「Ino Racer」 and 「Vircaik Beach」 are the core cards in [Azure Wave] decks like [Partner Shark, Shah]. Especially in [Azure Contract] deck which has a high usage and win rate ever since its release.
Even though there was a definite limit in speed due to the limitation of [Entoura Umiushi], the counter gain in this deck is still faster than other decks, in most circumstances, victory could be attained in the first 2 turns.
In addition, these 2 cards can also easily increase the counters of other blue decks.
As such, in order to reduce the speed and win rate of [Azure Contract], and to reduce the counter gaining speed of blue decks as a whole, we have decided to limit cards that can gain counter and recycle soul core from 2 to 1.

「The God Seeker, Super Star Apostle, Talbots」 is one of the engine in a [Super Star] deck.
[Super Star] deck has maintained a relatively high win rate for a long period of time, even though there were many attempts to nerf it with the banned and limited list, it continued to dominate.
Apart from the searching ability on summoning, making your low-cost spirits immune to opposing effects will set the tempo of the game towards one side. As such, to further nerf [Super Star] deck, it will be limited to 1.

In addition, considering the decks’ usage rate in this meta, even though [Aibou Sudden Contract] revolving around [Top Buddy, Aibou] and [Prison Contract] revolving around [Partner Demon Lord, Javat] has a high usage rate, considering their win rate, the usage rate and win rate is still within an acceptable range and hence we will not limit or ban any cards but to monitor them closely.

② Out of the meta cards that causes extremely big disturbance to the opponent, as cards in the opened zone or mirage are difficult to take countermeasures against, could affect the game progress and reduce the range for deck construction, there is a need to make necessary changes. As such, we decided to apply ban and limitation .

The mirage effect of 「Bind Edge」and 「Butterfly Jammer」 has an extremely strong effect that can heavy exhaust opposing spirits at the beginning of their attack step, rendering decks that rely on counter gaining when attack useless as their contract spirits will be unable to attack.
In addition, this effect resolves as a mirage that is very difficult to be discarded from. Apart from immunities like [Armor], it is very difficult to prevent such effect, making it very difficult to react. There are many examples of such games that made the game lean to one side.
Also, as they can also place GranWalker nexuses’ cores into the void, we kept a close eye on it previously to maintain the speed of meta, but we decided to skip the limitation to 1 and going straight to ban due to consideration of reason (3) as mentioned later.
Similarly, [Swallow Tail (Revival)] and [Sexy Bazooka] that are currently limited have Mirage effects, and they have strong effects that can prevent effects on summon and <Core Charge>. Due to the prevention of 《Core Charge》 and considering reason (3) below, we designated them as banned cards.

Similarly, [The Seven Beast Heroes, Hector] has a strong continuous effect that is hard to deal with, and in the situation where there’s not much restrictions, preventing a lot of card drawing effects, where we decide to skip the limitation to banned card.
Even though there are mirage effects that prevents draw effects like [Drone Ant] and [Scarab Beetle Drone], but considering the effect range is narrower than [The Seven Beast Heroes, Hector], they will only be limited to 1.

At the same time, within the cards that can disrupt your opponent while in being a mirage effect, although the usage rate is high for [Increase], it has a definite condition of requiring 6 or more counters to lock your opposing heavy exhausted. As such, there will not be any limit or ban but we will continue to monitor the card.

③As the appearance of [Contract GranWalker Nexus] from new series [Contract Saga: Shin] makes the use of GranWalker Nexus and summoning through effect [Manifestation] more important, having considered the meta after [Contract Saga: Shin], we will limit and ban cards that may disrupt the balance in advance, creating a new meta. Regarding these cards, removing the limits may be considered when the use of summoning through effects or GranWalker Nexus have decreased.

「Moon Ogre Castle」 has an extremely strong interruption effect against effects that can summon without paying the cost.
As the current <Contract Descent> can still be able to get around the card, the new effect <Manifestation> from the new set will be easily interrupted.
Similarly, [Vampyia Wolf] can easily interrupt with playstyles of the current season’s <Contract Descent> as well as the upcoming <Manifestation> which requires the use of Soul Core.
Also, apart from the usage rate of these meta cards increasing, as they are both purple cards, which we expect to see the rise of purple decks built around these 2 cards. Hence, we decide to skip the limitation and designate them as banned cards.

「The Universal Century Charter」decreases the speed of core charge on GranWalker Nexuses and greatly limits the playstyle of GranWalker Nexuses. Having considered reason(2) mentioned, we decided to skip the limitation and ban it.
Similarly, [Onmyou Child (Revival)] and [Scythe of the Underworld, Beelzebeat’s Scythe] can easily interrupt 《Core Charge》 and hence limited to 1.

In addition, as announced on Next Plan previously, there will be a [Pair Ban] implemented from this banned and limited list onwards.
Pair Ban is to prevent 4 or more similar effect cards in a deck.
Cards designated in the Pair Ban cannot exist in the same deck, 3 of 1 type from the Pair Ban can be placed in a deck, but the other type cannot be placed in the same deck.

「Dark Tower」 has a strong interruption against <Radiant Descent>, being able to bypass its effect and <Radiant Descent> yourself, it has a high usage rate in competitions.
Even though it has a strong meta effect, as it has no immunity and there will be ways to deal with it. As such, it will not be banned or limited.
As [Dark Tower] is unable to reprint due to various reasons, it became a card that is difficult to attain. As such, we produced a card that has similar effect, [Tower of Darkness].
However, if 4 or more cards of the same effect [Dark Tower] and [Tower of Darkness] can be in the same deck, defies our original intention, as such, we set these 2 cards as the Pair Ban.

Lastly, considering the current meta, we did some ban removal.

  • *If we deem that they bring negative impact to the upcoming meta, they might be banned or limited again.
  • 「Invisible Cloak」, 「Magic Book」「Wanderer Lolo」Unbanned<1>.
Banned Card
  • BS32-074 Dark Initiation
  • BS45-024 The SevenGreatHeroBeasts Hector
  • BS56-075 Bind Edge
  • BS56-RV006 Swallow Tail (BS28-082 Swallow Tail with the same name is also Banned Card.)
  • BS57-011 Vampir-Volkh
  • BS57-078 Butterfly Jammer
  • BS57-083 Sexy Bazooka
  • BS61-062 The Moon Ogre Castle
  • SD54-015 Universal Century Charter
Limited Card<1>
  • BS52-RV002 Onmyou Child (BS32-011 Onmyou Child with the same name is also Limited Card <1>.)
  • BS56-022 Drone Ant
  • BS56-025 Scarab Beetle Drone
  • BS60-063 Ino Racer
  • BS60-083 The Vircaic Beach
  • LM19-02 The MakaiScythe Beelzebeat Scythe
  • SD51-005 Godseeker SuperstarApostle Tarvos
Pair Ban
  • CB05-055 Dark Tower & SD68-007 The Tower of Darkness
Limited Card <1> release
  • BS01-141 Invisible Cloak (BSC22-CP03 Invisible Cloak with the same name is also Limited Card <1> release.)
  • BS02-108 Magic Book
  • X015 Grand-Lolo

Battle Spirits Special Research Department

※Currently no cards specified
Banned Cards(Cards that cannot be included in your deck.)
  • ●Non-Japanese Battle Spirits TCG cards
  • ●GX-numbered cards (Anime character cards)
  • ●Non-Paper Cards (Exchange Card etc)
Restricted Cards<1>(Cards which you can only include 1 copy of, in your deck.)
Restricted Cards<2>(Cards which you can only include 2 copies of, in your deck.)

The are currently no cards in this class.

Restricted Cards<20>(Cards which you can only include 20 copies of, in your deck.)
Pair Ban
Limited Card <1> release

*In official tournaments, this limit will take precedence over the card text.