Banned and Restricted Cards

The following cards are banned or restricted from use in official/certified tournaments according to tournament regulations.

Normally up to 3 copies of the same card may be included in a Battle Spirits deck, but some cards are banned or restricted from in official/certified tournaments.
There are 4 classes: Banned cards, Restricted Cards <1>/ Restricted Cards <2>/Restricted Cards <20>. Each class has their own set limit to be included in a deck.

Please note that some cards maybe removed from the list of Banned and Restricted Cards upon each list renewal due to changes in the game environment.

The "Battle Spirits Special Research Department" regularly ensures game balance through the examination of the game environment to ensure Battle Spirits continues to be a fun Trading Card Game. Currently powerful decks can be found in each and every colour, and we believe each of the decks are very well balanced. However, considering the direction of the new season’s power-up may create negative effects on future game environment, we decided to add on following cards in the Banned and Restricted Card List from April 1st, 2019 onwards.

[The Destruction Sword of Conviction, Judgement Dragon Sword] is a brave under consideration for power-up in the new series - [Chou Kourin Hen] such as the Saga Brave, but if it became even easier to use, the balance of competitive environment may greatly crumble, and hence it will be restricted to 1.

[Death-Haze] is an essential part in loop tactics, and will often appear in competitive environment. Though there hasn’t been a loop deck which is superior in both stable and fast looping abilities, due to above mentioned brave power-up in the new series - [Chou Kourin Hen], this card will also be restricted to 1.

[Illusion Demon God] is a card which corresponds with all 6 colours and its rate of usage is fairly high in the current environment. It is expected the rate will further increase once the new series brave power-up is in play, and hence it will be restricted to 1.

[Legendary Champion Titas El Grande] is considered to have a high possibility of adversely affecting game balance as we further strengthen the discarding ability of deck destruction – which is feature of Blue deck. For this reason, it will be restricted to 1.

Additionally, this time we will remove [The WarParamount Maximumdragon] from restricted list as the card had already indicated the number of copies which it can be used in a deck. However, the restriction may be lifted, it does not mean there can be 3 copies of [The WarParamount Maximumdragon] in deck. Also, cards such as [BooBoo Man] which its indicated copies are different from the official restriction will be added to its respective Banned or Restricted Card List.

Restricted Cards <1>
  • BS44-10thX01 The Destruction Sword of Conviction, Judgement Dragon Sword
  • BS12-052 Death-Haze
  • BS39-054 Illusion Demon God
  • BS40-X06 Legendary Champion Titas El Grande

Battle Spirits Special Research Department

* Effective from April 1st, 2019
Banned Cards(Cards that cannot be included in your deck.)
  • ●Non-Japanese Battle Spirits TCG cards
  • ●GX-numbered cards (Anime character cards)
Restricted Cards<1>(Cards which you can only include 1 copy of, in your deck.)
Restricted Cards<2>(Cards which you can only include 2 copies of, in your deck.)

The are currently no cards in this class.

Restricted Cards<20>(Cards which you can only include 20 copies of, in your deck.)

* Card copies restricted first in official/certified tournaments.