Banned and Restricted Cards

The following cards are banned or restricted from use in official/certified tournaments according to tournament regulations.

Normally up to 3 copies of the same card may be included in a Battle Spirits deck, but some cards are banned or restricted from in official/certified tournaments.
There are 4 classes: Banned cards, Restricted Cards <1>/ Restricted Cards <2>/Restricted Cards <20>. Each class has their own set limit to be included in a deck.

Please note that some cards maybe removed from the list of Banned and Restricted Cards upon each list renewal due to changes in the game environment.

The “Battle Spirits Special Research Department” regularly ensure game balance through the examination of the game environment so that Battle Spirits may continue to be a fun TCG. This time round, with regards to the current battling environment and consideration for the upcoming gimmick, we have decided to add the following cards to the Banned and Restricted list starting August 1, 2022.

「Fenrik, The Dark Stone’s Machine Beast God」could return cards to the bottom of the deck with its Soul Burst effect more easily than expected due to the current environment where it is more common to draw 2 or more cards or having 6 or more cards in hand. The game could simply be turned around just by relying on 1 card, even though it has been limited to 1 it could still get in the way of the game’s fun factor, hence we decided to ban it.

「Granato Golem」is a very effective card against《Radiant Descent》. With the appearance of gimmick《Contract Descent》 in the [Contract Saga], this card has a higher usage than intended as the environment allows for an increased change to《Radiant Descent》. As such, it is also being used in decks outside of Blue color, we deemed it detrimental to the gaming environment where 《Contract Descent》is the core to the environment. As such, we decided to ban it.

「The Rousing Dragon Emperor, Reversal Dragon」and 「The Rousing Sea Emperor, Valsharq」has an effect in relation to counters, we limited them to 1 while preparing for the new gimmick. However, the Red [Flame Scarlet] and Blue [Azure Wave] decks has the tendency to increase hand size which makes them easy to be added into the hand even after being limited to 1. The victory could be increased drastically once they are summoned which resulted in a high rate of being used even after being limited. We have decided to ban them.

Due to the swift counter gain in the new gimmick,「The Time Crown Super Deity, Shin Chronos」could easily activate the decisive [Chrono Counter Break: 6]. During the last banned and restricted list, the rate of usage was unknown to us hence we held back on our decision. However, it could easily be detrimental to the game balance and has a higher rate of being used. In addition, this time we banned 「The Rousing Sea Emperor, Valsharq」, which could possibly increase its adoption rate even more. As such, this card has been banned together.

In addition, even though we did not add the following cards in the banned and restricted list, we noticed that they have strong effects and a high adoption rate. We will continue to monitor them.

  • BS44-X06 Pharoamu, The Dark Stone’s Sandsea Pirate God
  • BS53-XX02 The Three Calamity Beast, Sea Calamity Ditheiathan
  • CB21-X01 EVANGELION Mark.06 -Spear of Cassius-
  • BS43-X04 Fenrik, The Dark Stone’s Machine Beast God
  • BS52-058 Granato Golem
  • BS52-X01 The Rousing Dragon Emperor, Reversal Dragon
  • BS52-X06 The Rousing Sea Emperor, Valsharq
  • BS59-X07 The Time Crown Super Deity, Shin Chronos

Battle Spirits Special Research Department

* Effective from August 1, 2022
Banned Cards(Cards that cannot be included in your deck.)
Restricted Cards<1>(Cards which you can only include 1 copy of, in your deck.)