Regulation of the tournament

About official rules

★ These Floor Rules uses the most up-to-date Official Rules and will be applied in all Bandai’s Official Tournament, to ensure a courteous and enjoyable gameplay experience for the participants.
Please look over all of the items here before playing.

  • ※ In the event any players have any questions, immediately stop the opposing player from progressing and clarify with the player, if still unsure, call for a Judge and follow the Judge’s ruling. Any errors taken after the battle cannot be rectified or reversed, so do take note.
    Any rulings made by the Judge will only be valid for the day. Any changes thereafter will have to wait for official ruling announcement.
  • ※ During the event, the Judge’s decision takes priority.
  • ※ If any fraud/foul play/cheating is found, the player will be disqualified immediately.
  • ※ After the game is over, any effects/rulings that was not clarified will not change the outcome of that game.
  • ※ Cards which players have been doodled/written/signed will not be allowed to use.
  • ※ Any unofficial/counterfeit Battle Spirits cards will not be allowed to use.
  • ※ Each card will be allowed a maximum of 2 sleeves, in the event of double sleeves, the outer layer must be clear and transparent (no opaque sleeves) without any markings or pictures or words.
  • ※ Please ensure all your cards are sleeved equally, no mixture of single and double sleeves in the same deck. (eg. if it is single sleeved, please ensure every cards in the deck is single sleeved)
  • ※ In the events where the card’s front, sides & back has noticeable stains or markings, the Judge has the rights to prohibit the usage of the cards.
  • ※ Please ensure all your sleeves are of the same design and ensure all your sleeves are in good condition.
  • ※ Your deck may be subjected to spontaneous spot-checks by the Judge.
  • ※ In the event the Judge or staff requests you to present your deck at any point of time, please swiftly oblige.
  • ※ During the event, each Player is only entitled ONE deck entry. The timing to deck modification is written on [Rules on Deck Modification].
  • ※ Any form of misconduct, unsportsmanlike behaviour or any intentional hindrance to the event’s progression, the Judge has the rights to disqualify the participant or even result in dismissal from the event hall.
  • ※ At the end of the game, you must open any set burst for your opponent to verify. In the event your opponent forgets or refuse to open the set burst, please notify the Judge for assistance. A stern warning may be given for any non-cooperation.
  • ※ Cards that are badly damaged to the point beyond recognition will not be allowed to use.
  • ※ When using the [Soul Drive] effect, the “Soul Core” is sent to the void, and the “Soul Core” cannot be regained back during Core Step.
The 30 Minutes Time Limit
Each game has a time limit of 30 minutes. The game will follow the below procedures.
  • ※ When the timing reaches the 25-minutes mark, the staff will ring a buzzer to inform all participants that 25-minutes have passed.
    After the buzzer sounds, the Turn Player will first complete his turn and then, the opponent will take his 1 LAST TURN.
    When 30-minutes have reached, the staff will sound the buzzer one more time, and from then on the game ends.
    When this happens, if the player did complete the LAST TURN, the game ends.
    If the player did not complete the LAST TURN, and still resolving his turn, the following will determine the end of the game.
    1. If Magic is used during the Main step, resolve that effect and then end the game.
    2. If a Spirit/Ultimate is attacking, after that battle ends, the game ends
  • ※ During the event, players are not allowed to ask the Judge or staff about the time left.
  • ※ In the event after the time limit expires, and a victor is still not decided, use the following procedure to determine the victor. The procedure must be overseen by a Judge, so players are not to be allowed to touch their decks or cores.
    1. Win Condition: compare the life of both players, the player with MOST LIVES wins
      (If both players have the same or more than 5 lives, move on to the next condition)
    2. Win Condition: compare the deck of both players, the player with MOST NUMBER OF CARDS LEFT in the deck wins
      (If both players have same number of cards left in the deck, move on to the next condition)
    3. Win Condition: compare the deck size for both players, the player with the BIGGER DECK SIZE wins
      (If both players have same number of cards left in the deck, move on to the next condition)
    4. Win Condition: compare the total sum of cores on Field, Reserve & Trash (excluding life), the player with the LESS CORES wins
      (If both players have same number of cores, move on to the next condition)
    5. Win Condition: Scissors, Paper, Stones, and the winner shall win the game

Deck Construction

  • ※ The deck must consists of at least 40 cards, and up to 3 cards of the same name.
    (Restricted and Banned Cards List applies)
    For more information regarding the Cards, please refer to [Playable Cards].
  • ※ Blue Cores, Void Cases and Official Play Sheets will be prepared in the event hall. Players will be required to bring their own Soul Cores.

Manners and Etiquette

  • ※ If you have any queries you wish to ask clarify, immediately raise your hand to alert a Judge and await his decision.
    Please note that the Judge will be unable to make a decision if the query is made after the battle has taken place or over. Any ruling made by the Judge will only be valid for the day.
    Any changes thereafter will have to wait for official ruling announcement.
  • ※ Please shuffle your opponent’s deck gently and face down to prevent any damage done to the deck.
  • ※ Before shuffling or during the game, if the player is found to have pre-arranged the cards in any order, a stern warning or straight disqualification will be given.
  • ※ Please ask for permission from your opponent before touching your opponent’s card.
    (especially for players using Deck Destruction effects)
  • ※ For Deck Destruction effect, please overturn the cards one by one.
  • ※ For effects during flash timing, the defending player will always have priority first. The attacking player must ask for confirmation if the defending player has a card to play or not.
  • ※ No food or drinks are allowed in the playing area.
  • ※ No smoking is allowed.
  • ※ If during a game, you wish to go to the washroom, please ask the staff for permission.
  • ※ If you feel unwell, please call out for a staff immediately.
  • ※ For whatever reason, if during the game a player leaves his seat for more than 5 minutes it will be treated as a game loss for him.
  • ※ Please switch off your hand phone or switch to silent mode.
  • ※ Using or taking out your hand phone during the game can result in a loss.
  • ※ To prevent any suspicion, please avoid using any cards other than your own deck.
  • ※ Please take care of your personal belongings, the organizer will not bear any loss or theft.
  • ※ Always keep your hand on/above the table to ensure your opponent can see the number of cards on your hand at all times.
  • ※ To ensure smooth game play, do not deliberately delay your turn. The Judge has the rights to give a penalty for the player deliberately delaying the turn.
  • ※ Players have an average of 2 minutes to think. If you feel that your opponent is deliberately delaying, call for a Judge.
  • ※ A stern warning will be given if the Judge decides that the player is deliberately delaying, and repeated offence will result in a loss.
  • ※ Some examples of Deliberate Delay/Hindrance
    • ・No play is being done (Thinking for an excessive period)
    • ・No changes to the current scenario
      (Pointless moving of Cores, constant checking of Trash Zone, continuing an endless loop circle)
    • ・Deliberate slow playing

Playable Cards

  • All cards that was officially sold, announced, and that are not within the Banned List (excluding Promo Cards from the GX Serial Number) are playable.

Non-Playable Cards

  • ・Promotional Cards from the GX Serial number
  • ・Banned Cards

Please note that there are cards from the Restricted List that has a maximum number of cards you can include in your deck.
※ For more information on Banned and Restricted Cards please visit

★ If the deck is found to be against the event’s regulation, it will result in immediate disqualification. (All prior wins will be voided)

Deck Modification

During the event, there will be timing where deck modification will be permitted.
  • ※ Once you enter the Battle Area, no changes will be allowed.
  • ※ Only the Top 2 players from each Qualifier will be permitted to modify their deck before the Final Playoffs.

★ If the deck is found to be against the event’s regulation, it will result in immediate disqualification. (All wins prior will be voided)

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