Official rule

Official Rule Manual (Ver. 13.0)

Chapter 1Game preparations and flow
1.Things you need for the game
2. Type of card
3. Game procedure
4. Game flow
Chapter 2Advance rules
1. About Brave
2. About Burst
3. About Mirage
4. About Ultimates
5. About «Radiant Descent»
6.About GranWalker/ GranStone Nexus
7.About Rebirth card
8.About Contract cards
Battle Spirits
Official Rule Manual
(Ver. 13.0 PDF)

Detail rules

About official rules

Official rules
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Modifications and changes to the rules
About official tournament rules
  • *Depending on the type of tournament, the rules for Battle Spirits tournaments may differ.
    Those who wish to participate in tournaments should view the notices on this page in advance.