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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[SD68]Mega Deck
The Manifestation of the Sun God

Pre-constructed Starter Decks

[SD68]Mega Deck The Manifestation of the Sun God
In stores March 30, 2024!

*Images may differ from final product.
*Product may be subjected to change.

[GranWalker Apollo] deck from [Gran Radiant Descent] revived in the current meta as [Contract GranWalker Nexus]! !
Apart from the preconstructed deck, reprinted card that is highly sought after is also included as a campaign promotional card.
The bonus pack includes 1 random new card from the preconstructed deck with a parallel illustration.

[SD68]Mega Deck The Manifestation of the Sun God
[SD68]Mega Deck
The Manifestation of the Sun God
Card types

Total 17 + 3 types


Common:7 types, Rare:2 type, Master rare:2 types, X rare:5 types, Contract X rare:1 type, Promotional card:3 types


40 Prearranged cards, 4 Campaign cards, 1 Bonus Pack, 50 Card sleeves, 1 Play sheet, 30 Cores, 1 Soul core

In stores March 30, 2024!

  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from March 30, 2024.
  • * Due to the type of the product, all boxes have duplicate cards.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subjected to change.

Product Introduction

Enjoy your battles right away with this strong deck!

[SD68]Mega Deck The Manifestation of the Sun God

Includes preconstructed deck, promotional card, play sheet, sleeves and cores!
In addition, this time, all cards are specially specifications with X rare!

Featuring the new Contract GranWalker Nexus!

  • SD68-CX01

[Contract GranWalker Nexus] which is a [Contract card] that can be in your opening hand!
[GranWalker Apollo] reincarnates into a Contract GranWalker Nexus!
By moving cores from itself to the void, accumulate counters using [Contract Skill] and achieve victory through [Contract Field]!

Featuring Emperor Spirit Card!

  • SD68-X01

Featuring [Emperor Spirit] which is like the avatar/partner of [Contract GranWalker Nexus]!
Using the new effect, [Manifestation], you can summon it from your hand by paying 1 cost from target GranWalker Nexus!

Includes a specially designed card sleeve!

This product includes a pack of 50 specially designed card sleeve attainable from only this product!

Includes 3 promotional cards!

  • SD68-007
  • BS51-XX03
  • BS54-X09

Remaining 2 types are reprint cards that can be used to replace cards om the [GranWalker Apollo] deck!

Regarding Pair Ban

  • CB05-055
  • SD68-007

These 2 cards cannot be used in the construction of 1 deck.

  • ※This product does not include 「CB05-055 Dark Tower」。

Contains 1 bonus pack!

  • SD68-CX01-1
  • SD68-X01-1

Bonus pack includes 1 random secret version for the new cards in the pre-constructed deck.

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