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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[SD65]Mega Deck
New Generation

Pre-constructed Starter Decks

[SD65]Mega Deck New Generation
In stores April 29, 2023!

*Images may differ from final product.
*Product may be subjected to change.

The “Four Demon Lords” gather!
A Mega Deck focusing mainly on Ultimate cards is finally here!
Also featuring the first appearance of the “Ultimate Contract Card”!
Highly demanded cards for an Ultimate Deck will be reprinted as promo cards.
There will be a secret pack containing 1 card with a parallel art from the new cards.

[SD65]Mega Deck New Generation
[SD65]Mega Deck
New Generation
Card types

Total 19 + 3 types


Common:9 types, Rare:1 type, Master rare:2 types, X rare:6 types, Contract X rare:1 type, Promotional card:3 types


40 Prearranged cards, 6 Campaign cards, 1 Secret Pack, 50 Card Sleeves, 1 Play sheet, 30 Cores, 1 Soul core

In stores April 29, 2023!

  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from April 29, 2023.
  • * Due to the type of the product, all boxes have duplicate cards.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subjected to change.
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