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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[SD61]Battle Spirits Entry Deck
Silver’s Memory

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[SD61]Battle Spirits Entry Deck Silver’s Memory
Now on sale!

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Appearance of the brand-new deck used by [Momose Yuki] in the new anime [Battle Spirits Mirage]!
Apart from the cards from the anime, there will also be a promotion GranWalker card with alternative art!
Also, the deck will also include the highly used [BS52-RV007 The Chosen Explorer, Alex]!

[SD61]Battle Spirits Entry Deck Silver’s Memory
[SD61]Battle Spirits Entry Deck Silver’s Memory
Card types

Total 16+1


8 Common, 3 Rare, 3 Master Rare, 1 Rebirth X Rare, 1 X rare, 1 Promotion Card


40 prearranged cards, 2 extra cards, 1 play sheet, 30 cores, 1 soul core, 2 special checklist cards

On sale October 30(Sat) 2021!

  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from October 30(Sat) 2021.
  • * Since the cards are prearranged, all boxes’ contents are identical.
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