Mirage is here! Mirage is here!

How does Mirage work?

Mirage is a new mechanic. Mirage effects can be activated on cards set in the Burst Area.

Mirage is here!

Using Mirage

After paying the Mirage cost, you can set the card with Mirage face up in your Burst Area.
⇒When setting a card, Mirage effects with [During Set] activate!

Mirage is here!

If you already have a Mirage set, you can swap it out by setting another one.

Mirage is here!

Mirage Notes

  • ・You can set a Mirage and Burst during your Main Step once per turn. You can't set cards from your Removed Zone. When playing both a Burst and Mirage card, place the Mirage card on top of the Burst card.
  • ・Mirage cards set in your Burst Area don't count as cards in the Field, so they can't be used to reduce costs even if they have symbols.
  • ・You can't discard Mirage cards or return them to your hand at will.
  • ・Mirage effects are treated as Nexus or Magic effects based on card type. (This means it's also possible to prevent them with abilities like Immunity.)
  • ・If you activate a Burst effect placed below a Mirage card, the Mirage card remains set.