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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
Green Cards
Multiple new cards have appeared to support Spirits with “High Speed” in their card name! Using the effect of “The SecondWhiteKnight Alpine-Bit”, cores in the trash may be reused in the Attack Step, so it works great with cards using High Speed in the Attack Step!
Many cards also have effects returning destroyed cads to your hand, so you can use these with the effect of “No.9 Horse-Chestnut Tree” to exhaust your opponent’s cards!
Blue Cards
Try building a deck of Spirits and Ultimates containing Hellsea in their card names.
Support for the card name gives an edge in battle. In particular, “The Hellsea FourDemonLord III-Immersio”’s Soul Drive is super powerful!
You can activate as many Bursts from your hand as you like while ignoring the conditions, allowing you to clear out the opponent’s field.
The returning “The StarMonster Sea-Serpendar” and “The GiantBraver Perseus” have Bursts added to them, making them a good match with these cards!
Introducing“The RatTwelveGodKing Mouchuu”, the easiest Twelve God-King to [Seal] yet!
Only costing 2, you can seal the card from your first turn and fulfill its [Sealed] condition from early stages in the game.
Works great in a Yellow-suiting deck with lots of low-cost cards!
Also use and combine with “The MagicalTwinsDeity Geminize”’s effect to easily summon high-cost God-Kings and Drifting Spirits!
Introducing “The OxTwelveGodKing Avalanche-Bison”, an X Rare boasting the new effect [Fortress]!!
[Fortress] is an effect that makes unexhausted God-Kings and Ten Crowns immune to opponent effects. Try to maintain unexhausted states.
The EighthBeastBattleship Guard-Ull” allows you to block without exhausting cards, increasing your defensive capabilities.
The OxTwelveGodKing Avalanche-Bison” also has a special means of [Seal] called [Burst Seal].
This synergizes with [Burst] effects too as it is treated as a [Burst]!
The “The Hellsoil FourDemonLord Magnamizer” is an X Rare Ultimate with [Triple Ultimate Trigger]: an effect with 3 Ultimate triggers!
The effects become more powerful every time you hit, and if all 3 hits are successful, you can put 6 cores, 1 Life, and 2 cards in a player’s hand into the trash!
The Purple army of Ultimates doesn’t end there as cards such as [Ultimate Hand] /[Ultimate Trigger] wielding “The DarkUltimateSky Spinel Dragon” are also included!
The ShineCentaurusDiety Sagitto-Apollodragon” has been revived with family: God-King!!
The card has a powerful effect allowing it to Brave with up to 2 Imagine Braves. Brave with the new “Super-Flame Demon-God”.
When “Super-Flame Demon-God” Braves with 2 God-Kings, it unleashes its new effect [Double Drive]!
Combine with cards such as “The ThirdBeast Ringtail”!!
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