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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
Activate the Dog Twelve God-King Greedog’s [Seize] effect!!
When [Seize] is activated, you can look at the opponent’s hand and discard one of their Magic Cards.
You can even activate their effects yourself.You can eliminate the opponent’s defense, or use the destructive effects of their own Magic card.
You should pick the card depending on the circumstances.
Together with No.41 Support Celebration, you can discard Spirit Cards as well. If they have [Accel], you can even activate its effect!
The Gourmet Fairy Deity Éclair Chiffon appears, with a super-powerful destruction [Accel] effect!
The [Accel] effect reduces all opponents’ Spirit/Ultimate BP by 13000, and destroys those with 0 BP, exceeding the [Burst] effects of Gun-Angelia Cannon!
Cards related to family: Drifting Spirit are also included. Match them up with past [Fruitiply] cards!
Don’t miss the X Rare [The Second Android King Brion], which can be strengthened by combining [Ultra Armor] and Imagine Braves!
This card gains the colors of Brave cards in your Removed From Game zone, and can even gain either the [When Braved on the left] or [When Braved on the right] effects if the Brave card is from the family “Imagine.”
This Spirit also has [Ultra Armor: Variable], meaning that it gains [Ultra Armor] for each color this Spirit has.
Open Brave cards corresponding to your opponent’s colors in your Removed From Game zone!
Gale Phoenix has returned, this time with 2 new effects!
[Lightning High-Speed] is now a (when Sealed) cost 4 effect, which you can use during flash timing just like [High-Speed].
[Lightning Flight] is a (During Seal) cost 1 effect which refreshes 1 of your Spirits and makes Gale Phoenix unblockable to Spirit/Ultimates that have fewer than or equal to the number of cores on it! You can summon Gale Phoenix early in the game with (Seal).
Protect it with other effects, and build up cores so you can unleash multiple attacks!
The Serpent Twelve God-King Tiamado is finally here with 2 new effects, [God Strike] and [God’s Army].
[God Strike] forces your opponent to place one core from their life into the void in order to block cards from the family “God-King.”
[God’s Army] allows you to summon cards from the family “God-King” (one from your hand and one from your trash) without paying the cost. Rapidly prepare your legions!
Summon The Serpent Twelve God-King Tiamado quickly with various summon support effects and defeat your opponent with its wide range of abilities!
Exeseed returns as an X Rare, more powerful than ever, with 2 devastating effects!!
When you activate (Super Seal), Exeseed can be treated as its highest LV for the duration of the turn.
Pyro Drive destroys any number of opposing Spirit/Ultimate whose BP is less than Exeseed, until the remainder is equal to the number of your Spirits from the family "God-King/Ten Crown", and also allows you to choose and attack one opposing Spirit/Ultimate. If this attack is blocked, you can inflict 1 damage per each card you destroy in battle!!
Mix this card with many other “Ten Crown” Spirits which support “God-Kings” (included in this booster) to rapidly drain your opponent’s life!!
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