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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
The battle strategies for Blade Beast & Winged Beast as followed!
Family: Blade Beast,collect the The Family of Beast King!The specialty for Spirits with the name Beast King is that they possess [Cyclone]. While opponent is Heavy Exhausted, 《Radiant Descent》 The Cyclone Beast King Blast Sabre to reduce a great number of opponent’s Life!
Family: Winged Beast , increase base cards and battle!Use BS40 X Rare Radiant Heaven Wind Geo Silfeed together with Spirits with 《Radiant Descent》, on top with Elder Dudlea Oulu to increase base cards and activate their when descend effects!
Use 《Radiant Descent》 to seal off opponent’s action and use the X Rare to aim for opponent’s Life.
The Seraph of Wind, Aerifer is a X Rare which cannot be blocked, and it can also refresh, allowing to consecutively attack.
The Seated Angelia, Saphielle to increase the symbols, while 「Mirage Tempest」is to increase durability. Prepare and attack consecutively!!
Radiant Descent Saga Volume 2 features a total of 6 Revival Spirit Cards in the Void Gods family!
Although the cost may be high, higher cost also means the effects are powerful where it will shine as long as it is summoned!
The Void Dragon, Hollow Dragon and God General of the Void, Dogma Grado provided the Void Gods a significant amount of support, build your deck with these cards!
This volume’s Dark Snakes specialty is Draw Power! Dark Snakes are super effective to be used together with BS40 Dark Snake God-King Shenmadoo!
God of the Black Dragon, Zao Duramu can remove cores while drawing cards, restrict the opponents while you increase your hand size!
The Flash effect of Commander of The Nobles, Noblesse Oblige allows it to be added as base card to the bottom of a Spirit with 《Radiant Descent》!
The best thing is, if it is added by this effect, you can activate that Spirit's when descend effects and refreshes!
God of The Nobles, Grace Order and BS40 Radiant Spear God Machine Vordan possess many powerful when descend effects. Use Commander of The Nobles, Noblesse Oblige effects to activate consecutive attacks and repeating when descend effects!
Collect all the blue cards with names of the Pirate!Build a great Dragon Emperor Pirate Crew and attack!
The specialty of Pirate is that majority of their effects are related to Nexus!
Especially for Pirate Dragon Emperor, Siegfried-Abyss which possess a new frightening effect the [Radiant Navigation] which uses Nexus as base card!
Due to the effect that this Spirit gains 1 symbol for each base card, as soon as there are 4 base cards this Spirit is able to take 5 Life in one attack!!
Red excels with Terra Dragons that contain the name The League of Dinosaurs!
The League of Dinosaurs, Wing Sword Pterodark and The League of Dinosaurs, Armored Horn Dreadlosaurus , the specialty for majority of Terra Dragon Spirits in the League of Dinosaurs is that being exhausted after an attack, they are unaffected by opposing Spirit & Brave effects.
Due to their durability of being unaffected or destroyed by effects, they can be used to stack 《Radiant Descent》 increasing base cards and march on to the decisive battle!!
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