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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
Green specializes in strategic surprise skirmishes!
Increases cores early in the game, and once all is ready, unleashes its strength in one go!
「The Shelled Moth, Kurmax of the Hundred Blade Clan」when summoned effect allows a continued summoning of a 「Sacred Arms」and this effect leads to 「The Dark Stone‘s Hundred Blade War God, Gulmazan」 to easily 《Radiant Descent》 without the use of Soul Core!
Then, separate the 「Sacred Arms」 and 《Radiant Descent》「The Radiant Blade Miyama of the Hundred Blade Clan」 Exhaust opposing blockers, and march forward to victory with an all-out attack!!
「Leader of the Pirate Alliance, Forge Low 」is an X-Rare specializes in supporting effects!
Multiple 《Radiant Descent》 every turn and no cost summon/deploy a Brave/Nexus.
Possesses effect that helps his fellow crewmates on the battlefield. Excellent performing effects befitting the card name which contains「Leader of the Pirate Alliance」!
Creates a favorable battle flow that is to your advantage, slowly sails towards victory!
Red color that is filled with all kinds of brand new skills!
Cards like 「The Radiant Astral Dragon, Star-Bladra」 in addition to having 【Accel】, and possessing effects such as increase the limit of your [Destruction effects by BP] while being placed on Opened Zone are truly the highlights of support cards!
「The First Apostle of the Radiant Star, Asghardia」 has both 【Accel】and 《Radiant Descent》 effects!
Being able to 《Radiant Descent》 from the Opened Zone definitely maximizes its potential!
White color which specializes in supporting Braved Spirit card, is greatly compatible with the new strategies born from the introduction of 「Sacred Arms」!
In early game focus on fortifying defense, increase the number of Braved Spirits and wait for the right time to strike.
The key is 「The Noble‘s Final Arms, Ra=Illuzeon」 when descend/attack effect!
To crumble the counterattack opportunities building up in opposing’s hand,circle around opponent’s defense,and with one strike the victory will be yours!握!
Featuring many 【Accel】 supporting effect!
Combining with all the previous purple 【Accel】, and build a never before seen 【Accel】 deck!!
The key highlight is none other than the X-Rare 「The Dark Stone's Death Violet Dragon God」!
【Dark Arcanum - Heaven 】is a killer move effect which sends 2 core from your opponent's life to the void!!
Featuring many yellow cards with the names - 「of Wonderland」!!
A great variety of 【Accel】,and includes a number of featured cards which requires no cost!
Use them to activate all kinds of effect, control the cores spent in battles!
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