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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
X Rare 「Fenrik, The Dark Stone's Machine Beast God」 has 3 families,together with each supporting families, there are many possible strategies. With a powerful 【Soul Burst】,the timing to activate it is important.
Also, using 「God General」 to support 「Void Gods」 is easy as well. Though the base color may be different, do include 「Emperor of the Void Gods, Angol Moses 」 into your deck!!
「Divine Spirits」 the family which can be used as Magic cards appears!
The Arc Radiant Angelia, Mikafar」 allows you to discard 1 base Magic card to activate that Magic's flash effect without paying the cost. After the effect resolves, if it is a Spirit card, you can summon it without paying the cost.
In order to fulfill these conditions, you will need Spirit cards which can be used as Magic cards!
A whole new Pirate Gang, 「Azure Beast」 Pirate Gang joins the fray!
Use low cost Spirit cards as support and use high cost cards as finisher. More importantly is the use of 《Radiant Descent》 and other effects to ease things up.
Combine with other Pirate Gang cards to form the greatest Pirate Gang!
The final form of 「Siegfried」 「The Genesis Dragon God, Grand Siegfried」 descends!
【Dragon Supremacy】 is a powerful effect which summons [Siegfried] base cards at no cost and deal damage to opponent life !!
Maximize the use of multiple Radiant Descent [Siegfried] to deal direct damage to opponent life!
Known for his evil effect -「Emperor of the Void Gods, Angol Moses」.
Limiting the cores to be placed on Spirits with 【Void Atmosphere】.Furthermore, when your Spirit attacks, your opponent must send 2 cores from their Spirit(s) to the void in order to block!!
The awakened 「Ninja Gale」 after Mega Deck is now stronger!!
X Rare 「The Radiant Ninja Dragon, Siegfried-Jiraya」 refreshes after adding any number of Spirit(s) to the bottom of this Spirit as base card. Hence it is able to perform multiple attacks by adding Spirit(s) cards as base card after attacking!!
If it is targeted, the new effect 【Radiant Temporal】 switches target to avoid damage!
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