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[BS45] Gran Radiant Descent Saga Vol.2
Revival of Ultimate Gods

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue

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Using [The SevenShogun] to decide the battle !
A powerful X Rare [The Underworld God, Desfelmion] which synergizes well with [The SevenShogun] !
Make use of the Revival [The SevenShogun] cards in Radiant Descent Saga, utilize [The Underworld Knight, Despelto] and [The SevenShogun Beliot] for cost reduction to summon it on the field !
Can be treated as colorless, a Spirit card which can counter [Armor]. Battle together with Spirits from family: [Ogre Wizard]/[Dark Snake]/[Infernal Lord] !!


Strengthen [GranWalker Artemis] !
Includes many cards from family: [Machine Beast] which works well with [GranWalker Artemis] from previous volume !
A Spirit which is almost unaffected by opposing effects for being able to remain field, early descend [The Sacred Machine Beast, Lighting Ceryneian] to begin your attack !
An effect that remains on the field, in addition with refresh effect, combine with [GranWalker Artemis] to launch your continuous attacks which cannot be blocked !


Utilize the Blade Beast !
[GranWalker Hermes] can activate <Core Charge> when Cost 3 of higher [Blade Beast/Visitant/Avatar] is summoned/descend !
[GranSkill] with draw cards ability is rare in Green and thus it is valuable.
Use [GranField] to increase BP, create an army of Blade Beast and launch your attacks !
Also, use the God Spirit card [The Seven Beast Heroes, Swift King Odyss Saber] and [Forest Charge] to hinder your opponent’s move !


Utilize Divine Spirit & Ultimate Cards !
This time yellow has many cards with add/reduce life effects !
[The Astral Angelia Goddess, Isstar] refreshes when your own life is reduced ! The strategy to reduce your own life is possible, manage your life at the correct timing !
[GranWalker Esis] has the defensive effect [GranSkill] which replenish own life, and offensive effect [GranField] which targets opponent’s life.
Protect your life, breakthrough opposing weakness and defeat your opponent !


Utilize Beast Head & Ultimate Card !
Blue [GranWalker Set] which supports the family: [Beast Head] and use [GranSkill] to destroy Cost 9 & lower Spirit card !
From early to mid game, <Core Charge> on [GranWalker Set], and battle with [Beast Head] which specializes in destroying opposing Spirit cards.
Activate [The Tempest God of the Sandsea, Typhon]’s [Release], combining with [GranWalker Set]’s [GranField] and victory will be yours !!


Strengthen GranWalker Apollo !
Red new X Rare [The Archer of Dragon Star, Lyceus] works very well when combined with [GranWalker Apollo].
Combo [Dragonshot] and [GranField] !!
[Dragonshot]’s [BP Destruction Effect] is able to breakthrough unaffected effects such as [The Wanderer Lolo], [MetalGarurumon] which cannot be destroyed by opposing effects! It can even destroys [Armor: Red] ! Very powerful effect !
However, if it is [remain on field] effects, even if it is destroyed, opposing Spirit/Ultimate will remain on field. So use wisely !
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