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[BS46] Gran Radiant Descent Saga Vol.3 Fate of the Gods

  • 赤属性
  • 白属性
  • 黄属性
  • 青属性
  • 紫属性
  • 緑属性

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Build a deck which can freely use [Ogre Wizard]’s when summoned effects with [GranWalker Hera]’s as the key!
Increase hand cards while preventing opponent’s attack.
Finally use [The Ogre God Queen, Jealousix Doll] to send opposing cores to Trash and advance on the opponent!


Winged Beast & The Seven Beast Heroes!
An Ultimate card with Heavy Exhaust effect from the family: [Winged Beast] appears!
Limits the movement of Heavy Exhausted Spirit/Ultimate cards, continuously attack while your opponent is unable to fight back and go for the win!!
Use the completed ‘The Seven Beast Heroes’ deck!!


The Impregnable Iron Knights
Build a deck with the brand new ‘Olym’ [GranWalker Athena] as key, combining Spirit cards with from family: [Android].
Adding on White high defensive effects, use battle tactics to return opposing Spirit back to hand or deck!
Finally use [Steel Goddess, Athenai​a]’s double symbols for the decisive win!


Egypt’s Highest GranWalker Ra joining the fray!
Egypt Sun God, the Highest God [GranWalker Ra] joining the battle. Support family: [Imaginary Beast] and Cost 2 Spirit card!
[The Sun God Beast, Sekhmet Tomb] can destroy Spirit/Ultimate card, at the same time send a total of 3 opposing cores to void! Use this new effect to 《God Descent》!


Use [Z]’s fierce attack to burn up opponent’s field!!
[GranWalker Zeus] which supports family: [Emperor Beast] and possesses 2 types of powerful appears!
Early game, use [Emperor Beast] with effects that destroy opposing Spirit/Ultimate cards, suppress the opponent while using !! The killer blow is when all of [Z] power is gathered on [GranWalker Zeus]’s Avatar [The Lightning God Beast Emperor, Thunder Z Leon], reducing all of opponent’s Life in one go!!


[GranWalker Set] Super Power Up!!
Strengthens [GranWalker Set] from previous volume BS45!
Added easy to use Ultimate cards making battles more advantageous!!
Also, [The Trident God Ocean Beast, Triaina] which can hinders opposing GranWalker Nexus appears, further increases field control!!
Throw off your opponent to create an advantageous situation!
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