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[BS45] Gran Radiant Descent Saga Vol.2
Revival of Ultimate Gods

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  • BSC32-031

    It's the scene in 『Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin』 where Bashin said “That's a M Rare card!” This card's effects returns Spirit card from trash, and the card itself can be returned to hand from trash when your Spirit is destroyed by opponent

  • BSC32-032

    The scene where it is birth of the highly popular 「The Supernova Dragon Siegwurm-Nova」! Though the effect is the same as "Nova" card, it can destroy BP12000 and below Spirits. Can be used as defense card!

  • BSC32-033

    This card is the scene of 「The Shining Sacred Sword」. Build a deck with multiple cards from family: “Sword Sabre" to attack in one go! Separate any number of your braved Brave. After that, refresh all your Brave(s) in Spirit form and cannot be blocked.

  • BSC32-034

    The message from Mazoku in 『Battle Spirits Brave』 - 「The Loser's Mortality​」 The same as Mazoku, those who lost in battles will be eliminated, Spirit cards in trash will be removed from game. Make use of the effect which supports family: "Galaxian" and summon the 12 Zodiac X Rares!

  • BSC32-035

    The popular series 『Do your best! ! Shikitsuru-san!』. Main effect is very simple, [Draw 1 card from your deck]! When using this card must shout 「One Draw !! 」!

  • BSC32-036

    「Hashibuto」,「Watari」,「Tsuruhashi」 the 3 members of Galaxy Trio. Summon Spirit cards using Burst effect, and possess effects used by 3 of them in the anime. Also, if there are no Spirit cards on field, set this Burst card during Flash timing.

  • BSC32-037

    From 『Battle Spirits Double Drive』. The scene where all battles have ended and returned to world peace. The only card with effects to deploy GranWalker Nexus from family: "Ur" without paying the cost. BP+5000 and continue the attacks!

  • BSC32-038

    The memorable quotes of 「Demon King of the Sixth Heaven」 from 『 Battle Spirits Burning Soul』. As long as the Soul Burst is activated, reach all the reduction as fulfilled and summon 1 Spirit card containing the name: [God Sech] from your hand/Trash. For example, 「The Heavenly Demon King God-Sechs」 only requires 2 cost to summon!! And the effect to immediately end the attack step is very powerful as well!!

  • BSC32-039

    The summoning scene of 「Manabu Ohizumi」 from 『Battle Spirits Heroes』! Supports [Crush] and [Big Crush] by increasing the destruction limit, Lv3 [Big Crush] can discard up to 20 cards! When using this card do shout-out the quotes!

  • BSC32-040

    A luxurious anniversary illustration which gathered the main characters from all past anime. Requires 10 different GranWalker Nexus, it may be more strenuous when building decks, but it's an effect that wins the game! A must have 10th Anniversary card!

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