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[BS45] Gran Radiant Descent Saga Vol.2
Revival of Ultimate Gods

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  • BSC32-014

    A young warrior from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan』 「Kenzo Hyoudo」 appears! Supporting the Green based family: "Blade Beast" in Gran Radiant Descent. 【GranSkill】 is an effect which exhausts Spirit/Ultimate cards, suitable for both offense and defense!

  • BSC32-029

    J's sister from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin』 「Kyouka」appears! 【GranField】 is when the family: "Beast Head" attacks, for every Spirit card in your opponent's Trash, increase the destruction cost. Combine with decks that have cost destruction effects to greatly increase the number of cards to be destroyed!

  • BSC32-018

    「Mei」 from 『Battle Spirits Double Drive』 enters the fray! Suitable for family: "Machine Beast"/"Ten Crown"/"God King" to activate 《Core Charge》. 【GranSkill:3】 suitable to be used in combination with 「GranWalker Artermis」's 【GranField】.

  • BSC32-011

    「Guardian Bringer」 from 『Battle Spirits Sword Eyes』 enters the fray! 《Core Charge》 requirement is similar to that of 「Bashin Dan」's. Possess a 【GranSkill】 to summon Brave during Flash timing and breakthrough your opponent's weakness!

  • BSC32-030

    「Souun Gunjou」 the S-Class Battler from 『Battle Spirits Burning Soul』 joining the fray! In addition to family: "Fighting Spirit" / "Visitant" / "Avatar", 《Core Charge》 may also activate using Nexus cards. Make use of this card's 【GranField】 and 「The Thousand Space Kannon Temple」 to aim for a devastating deck destruction!

  • BSC32-012

    「Toshiie Homura」 the S-Class Battler from 『Battle Spirits Burning Soul』 joining the fray! Make use of 【GranSkill】 to add family: "Emperor Beast" to hand. And use 【GranField】 to refresh "Emperor Beast". Utilize all the effects to support "Emperor Beast", simple and straightforward, that's the Toshiie Homura's personality!

  • BSC32-026

    「Eris」 from 『Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero』 appears! As dynamic as she is in the anime, using 【GranField】 to support the family: "Divine Spirits" / "Ultimate Dragon" / "Three Dragon Deity" and Ultimate! Due to its effect to summon ignoring summoning condition, add to decks with harsh summoning condition such as the "Ultimate Dragon"!

  • BSC32-021

    「Suiren」 from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin』 appears! 【GranSkill】 & 【GranField】 are existing powerful effects, a simple, nostalgic and powerful GranWalker Nexus card!

  • BSC32-013

    「Tatsumi」 the Battlers of Darkness from 『Battle Spirits Double Drive』 joining the fray! Just as his personality, using family: "Death Dragon" / "Ten Crown" / "God-King" / "Imagine Brave" to activate 《Core Charge》! Use 【GranField】 effect to strengthen "Death Dragon" deck and reduce opponent's life when target family depletes the opponent!

  • BSC32-016

    「Houryokuin Kanetsugu 」 the S-Class Battler from 『 Battle Spirits Burning Soul』 joining the fray! Use 【GranSkill】 to return your own "Ninja Gale" Spirit card back to hand, and use 【GranField】 to refresh a large amount of "Ninja Gale". It's GranWalker Nexus befitting of a Ninja!

  • NEW BSC32-015

    「Gordy Dain」 the Sword Eyes of Darkness from 『 Battle Spirits Sword Eyes』 is a GranWalker Nexus card which uses the whole series of insects family to activate 《Core Charge》! While【GranField】 effects target Spirits containing the name: [High Speed]. Both [Soul Swift] and [Lightning High Speed] can be used as target as well!

  • NEW BSC32-022

    「Viola Mai」 from 『 Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan』 appears! 【GranSkill】 draw cards by discarding your hand, an easy combo for purple. And to activate 【GranField】 will need cards containing the name [Underworld]!

  • NEW BSC32-019

    「Clackey Ray」 the captain of the [Beautiful Sophia] from 『Battle Spirits Brave』 appears! Activate 《Core Charge》 once per turn, and due to there is no activating condition, it can activate a different 《Core Charge》 as the 「GranWalker Esis」. The key is to combo [Release] and 「The Astral Angelia Goddess, Isstar」! And 【GranField】 is powerful as「Wing Boots」!

  • NEW BSC32-023

    「Kimari Tatsumi」 from 『Battle Spirits Heroes』 who dream about conquering the world has joined the fray! The Core Charge condition is rare family: "Evil Shadow" / "Galaxian" / “Supreme Emperor". 【GranField】 grants Spirit(s) from the family: “Supreme Emperor" / "Galaxian" the effect " [Destructive Curse] during your own turn. It's a strategy to direct attack opponent's life!

  • NEW BSC32-024

    「Momose Kajitsu」 from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan』 joining the fray! A 0 core 【GranField】 effect is when your Life is reduced by your opponent, add 1 core from the Void to your Reserve or this Nexus. Use 《Core Charge》 and 【GranField】 to save up cores, then activate the killer move 【GranSkill: 7】 to decide the battle!

  • NEW BSC32-025

    「Kusaka Chihiro」 from 『Battle Spirits Heroes』 joining the fray! Possess a rare 【GranField】 which comes into play [After your Burst activates]. And 【GranSkill】 target opponent to attack, then activate Burst when life is reduced. Use in combination with 【GranField】!

  • NEW BSC32-017

    「J」 the main character's rival from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin』 appears! Supported family is the same as the anime! When destroyed by effects, use 【GranField】 to remain on field. And use 【GranSkill】 to make your Spirit/Ultimate cannot be blocked then attack opponent's life!!

  • NEW BSC32-027

    「Laila April」 the girl who loves Pentan from 『Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero』 appears! All abilities are related to family: "Pentan", it's a card tailored for the Pentan decks. Though it requires 10 cores, 【GranField】 changes all opposing Spirit/Ultimate to Pentan!

  • NEW BSC32-020

    「Suzuri Hideto 」 the Blue Soldier from 『Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan』 appears! Core Charge condition includes Nexus card, it's a card for Nexus main decks! 【GranField】 allows GranWalker Nexus to be used to activate [Assault]!

  • NEW BSC32-028

    「Kiki Beresia」 from 『Battle Spirits Double Drive』 appears! 【GranSkill】 allows summoning Spirit cards with [Accel] from opened zone, and 【GranField】 supports the attack of "Imaginary Beast". Use [Accel] main decks to battle!

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