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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
The Super Great Demon King Beast, Magata no Orochi is revival!!
[The Super Great Demon King Beast, Magata no Orochi], gains all attacking effect of all [Demon King Beast] in your trash, it is a powerful card that allow you to breakthrough to your opponent !
Combo it with the Nexus [The Tower of Evil] to accumulate your trash !
FUSION UP and Battle !!
Battle with [Ultraman Orb] using the latest «Radiant Descent» Mechanic !
Build your deck around the effect of showing designated cards for power up and continuous attack !
Here it comes ! Our Ultraman !
Both X rares have powerful and yet easy to use effects.
[First Ultraman] does not only has a low cost for easy summon and also an effect that allows you to keep using it.
[Ultraman Tiga] has different attacking effect at different Lv to suit your situation !
The all-time favourite Kaijus and Seijins !
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