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Awesome Card combos

Awesome Card combos
Kamen Rider Den-O specializes in using his Imagins that have become Braves.
Normally only Spirits from the family: [Kamen] can be [Change], but if the Braves are in Spirit form they can be [Change] too ! And also, even when Braved, the cost is treated as 0 during [Change] which makes it a lot easier to [Change] while being Braved.
Use that to your advantage to allow [Kamen Rider Den-O Climax Form] to activate its effects all at once !!
This Purple deck utilizes [Terror‧Dopant] to get cards into the trash and summon it from there.
For the start, make use [Masquerade‧Dopant] and [Clay Doll‧Dopant] to draw and increase your trash.
Even though it is not a [Dopant] but [N-Daguva-Zeba] has a good synergy with this deck.
For the end game use [Terror‧Dopant], to build your field with [ Dopant ] and while doing this remove cores on your opponent’s Spirit !
Green 「W」 &「 Accel 」have many cards with core boost ability. Make use of it to save up cores during the early game.
Use 「Prism Bicker」and「Gaia Library」to prep up a Cost 7 or higher Spirit Card and 《Radiant Descent》 「Gold Xtreme」 !
Brave with 「Prism Bicker」to become triple symbols and utilize the cores saved up to launch a continuous assault!
Red A deck which its core is 「Kamen Rider Kuuga」!
Summon low Cost Spirit cards from family: 「Kamen」 during the early game, then using 【Change】 to switch out into Cost 5 or higher cards.
During end game when your life is 3 or less, Radiant Descent 「Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form」onto a Cost 5 or higher card to go for the decisive win!!
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