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[CB05] Collaboration Booster Digimon Vol. 2
Our Digimon Adventure

  • 赤属性
  • 紫属性
  • 紫属性
  • 黄属性
  • 青属性
  • 青緑属性

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Blue Green

Radiant Descent,Imperialdramon !!
There are important point of this Blue Green combo is that it has 3 cards with the name [Imperialdramon] !!
[Change] which was introduce together with the Kamen Rider Collaboration returns, after the effect resolves, you can choose to continue the attack.
There are many cards to use in different scenario, especially the very powerful XX Rare [Imperialdramon Paladin Mode] !
When attacking/blocking, return all your cores in your trash back and exhaust all opposing Spirits.
With those cores,[Change] then keep attacking non-stop !!


Shut down your opponent’s Attack !
A lot of Spirits which focus on defenses is included which is white specialty. All has effect to turn tide and fortify, depending on the situation, reduce you opponent’s Life all in one shot.
Pay attention to the 2 X Rare !
[Jesmon] which returns 3 Spirit/Nexus back to the hand when you radiant descent and when [Mounted Warrior] attacks return 1 Spirit/Ultimate back to hand.
Return massive amount and collapse your opponent’s field !!
[Magnamon] can be summoned with [Armor Evolution].
It is not affected by Spirit/Brave effects, can block while exhausted, it is really a jack of all trades !!


Build around [Armor Form] !
Yellow contains a lot of [Armor Form] Spirits.
In the current environment which summoning without paying the cost is difficult, this is the prefect comeback !!
Or, instead of just using [Armor Form] solely, use it with support from [Mega] or [Perfect] to find the perfect deck for your style !!


Evolve to [Perfect] !
Blue contains many high tier [Perfect] or [Mega] Spirits !
[Evolution] or [Super Evolution] to summon those high cost Spirits !!
Summon many different kinds of Spirits as possible.


Use many different methods of Evolution !
Other than [Evolution] or [Super Evolution], now a new method arrives, [Armor Evolution] and [Jogress Evolution] !
[Armor Evolution] is by returning 1 of the designated Spirit back to your hand and pay 1 cost to summon.
It will bypass effects that prevents you to summon without paying the cost.
[Jogress Evolution] is like [Super Evolution] which can be activated during your turn’s Flash Timing.
Giving your opponent something they don’t expect !!
Try all the Evolutions and test it with all Digimons !


Combo with [CB02] !
Powerful core removal effects when you summon or radiant descent, mix it with previous Spirits for maximum effect !
[Leomon] attacking effect allows you to 《Radiant Descent》[BelialVandemon] while ignoring the condition !
Destroy BP10000 or lower and remove cores to reduce your opponent’s field to nothing !!
Use [Pumpmon] burst effect to remove cores from opposing Spirits and 《Radiant Descent》[Daemon] to remove 1 core each to the Reserve. Wiping all your opponent’s Spirit in one go !
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