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[CB07] Digimon Collaboration Booster Let’s do this! Card Slash!

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Dukemon Crimson Mode + Support
[Dukemon Crimson Mode] is a XX Rare with a very powerful 【Change】 effect!
It destructiveness is determined by the symbols, allowing for its easy use to claim victory !! But the switch target is only for cost 7 or higher with only the color red, so do play those Spirit(s) that can fit the criteria for your benefit !


Bring swift Justice like the Mega [Justimon] !!
Combine it with different Nexus for the best outcome!


Beelzebumon + Beelzebumon Blast Mode
Use [Impmon] to evolve to the Mega [Beelzebumon] then to [Beelzebumon Blast Mode]!
Both cards can be added by [Impmon]’s effect!!
Use that powerful effects together with abundance of support to breakthrough!


Tamers and their Partner Digimon !!
赤属性/白属性/黄属性 白属性 黄属性
Battle together with the GranWalker Nexus Tamers and their Partner Digimon!
Use the supports from <GranField> and fight with Mega forms of the Partner Digimon.
Try as many cards to evolve to the Mega form!
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