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Battle Spirits Online Meet-up Festival

Will be held on June 26th(Sun.) 14:00~19:00 (GMT+8)

Online Battle event with physical card!
Welcome everyone on the day!
On the day of the event,
we will carry out plans unique to the Meet-up Festival,
such as venue product sales and luxury gift.

Online Battle event held on

  • *Application for event participation in advance is not required.
  • *Application for event original goods in advance is required.For application, please confirm the page on the bottom.
  • *BANDAI NAMCO ID is required.
  • *Admission may be restricted during busy hours.


Battle Spirits Online Meet-up Festival

Online lobby event original goods

Battle Spirits Playmat “Wanderer Dan”
Battle Spirits Playmat “Wanderer Dan”
Maker suggested price
3300JPY(tax included)
*Purchase limit: 1set/person
How to purchase
Please purchase from the terminal in the online lobby venue on the day of the event. Premium Bandai membership registration (free of charge) is required to purchase.
If you do not have an account, we recommend that you register in advance.
Check here to register as a member of Premium Bandai
  • *Application for event original goods in advance is required.
  • *Item stock is limited. Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.
  • *Goods will be sent after July 2022.
  • *Goods are planned to be distributed in other Battle Spirits online event.
  • *Goods only be sold on the day.
    Please purchase until the end of the event.
  • *The number of preparations for sale is limited. If the number of preparations is reached, we may stop accepting orders at an early stage.
  • *Goods are available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore through Premium Bandai.
Check here to apply for event original goods! Check here to see how to purchase event original goods


About the stage on the day

Unlimited Battle
Unlimited Battle
  • ・Free battle without any limited.
    *Banned and restricted cards may be applied.
Bonds of Infinity Limited Battle
Bonds of Infinity Limited Battle
  • ・Only the deck which is built by cards from [SD64]Battle Spirits Dash Deck Bonds of Infinity can be used.
    *Do not replace the cards please.
Collaboration Booster Limited Battle
Collaboration Booster Limited Battle
  • ・All collaboration cards from collaboration booster/ collaboration starter can by used.
<card can be used>
*card included below
  • ・Battle Spirits Collaboration Booster each kinds
  • ・Battle Spirits Collaboration Starter each kinds
  • ・Battle Spirits Battlers Good Set Ultra Heroes
  • ・Battle Spirits Battlers Good Set Digimon
  • ・Battle Spirits Battlers Good Set Kamen Rider
  • ・Battle Spirits Battlers Good Set Gundam series
  • ・Battle Spirits Ultra Hero Premium Card Set
  • ・Other card with collaboration illustration
Diva Limited Battle
Diva Limited Battle
  • ・Only the deck which is built by diva collaboration cards can be used.
<card can be used>
*card included below
  • ・Diva Booster each kinds
  • ・Collaboration Starter Aikatsu! New Start at the Acadamy
  • ・Collaboration Booster All Aikatsu! Dream on stage
  • ・All Kira Booster Premium Diva Selection
  • ・Mega Deck Diva Concert
  • ・Premium Diva Box Divas Campus Festival
  • ・Other card with diva collaboration illustration
Block Icon <9> Limited Battle
Block Icon <9> Limited Battle
  • ・Only cards with block icon <9> can be used.

*The stage design of each regulation is subject to change.

Observe the rules and manners,
enjoy the online battle!

June 26th(Sun.) 14:00~19:00 (GMT+8)
Check here for participation!

*Anyone can visit it on the day by BIND.

Check list for Battling・
Speculating Battle at the event

Event Details

Age Restriction Open to all
  • ■Unlimited Battle
  • ■Bonds of Infinity Limited Battle
  • ■Collaboration Booster Limited Battle
  • ■Diva Limited Battle
  • ■Block Icon <9> Limited Battle
  • *Opponent will be selected by matching.
  • *Please prepare deck by Oneself.
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