Greetings, to all Battle Spirits (refer as BS below) users.
I am the BS Producer, Yatsuki.

It has been a month since the release of True Rebirth Saga. We feel the introduction of the new mechanic {Mirage} brings about many changes to the game environment.

This time, I would like to discuss about future product development and events.

Product Release

■ Regarding X Rare Pack 2021
Before we begin on the topic for future product development, I would like to talk about the X Rare Pack 2021 which we have received many feedback from users.
We wish to thank everyone’s replies to the questionnaire (more than 1000 responses). I have read all the answers, I have seen everyone’s disappointment, criticism, concerns and queries, as well as valuable suggestions on the improvement methods and expectations. I will clarify some matters that are brought up more frequently.
Regarding “Strongest Lineup in the History of X Rare Packs!!” Promotion Slogan
The slogan mainly was to express the wide range of cards included in the X Rare Pack thus far (containing both old and new cards), and different varieties of X Rares. However, the “strongest lineup” was miscommunicated and misled as it was referring to the product itself. Henceforth, we will be mindful with the correct expression of words that does not cause any misunderstanding.
Regarding the Rates for Tensei X-Rares
We have received many comments on the difficulty of pulling Tensei X-Rares. The Tensei X-Rares this time was mainly included in [Rebirth Saga Vol.1] and [Rebirth Saga Vol.2], and in consideration of the short sales period since their release, we had made adjustment to the rates in order to prevent the value from plummeting. We wish to provide the cards to more users as they are high in demand, yet we are unable to meet everyone’s expectation, and for that we deeply apologize. We will carefully consider to once again include Tensei X-Rares in future product releases.
Regarding the Content
We had selected the lineup, without bias towards any colors, from cards that were high in demand in the past and expected to be in the future. But some lineups have overlapped with those that were being promoted concurrently in the Charisma Selection Pack and Wafer products, which resulted in the purchase of duplicates in more quantity than needed and caused dissatisfaction in some. Regarding the Reprint lineups in the future, we will take into consideration the needs of our users and discuss with care.
In other aspects, we have also received criticism and encouragement from all. We will make improvements for future products development based on everyone’s suggestions and your continued support is very much appreciated.
■ Regarding 【True Rebirth Saga Vol.2】
In [True Rebirth Saga Vol.2], in addition to the debut of ‘Egyt’ Granwalker as Tensei cards, there are also Spirits with {Counter Break} and powerful Ultimate cards. On the other hand, with regards to Tensei X-Rares, it will no longer be generalized cards used in multiple decks but instead we intend to develop power-up cards tailored for each product’s theme in the future. Thus, the Tensei X-Rare increased rates promotion from [Rebirth Saga Vol.3] - [True Rebirth Saga Vol.1] will cease, and the rates will return to normal as per [Rebirth Saga Vol.2].
We do not plan to just lower the rates; we will also be considering additional store campaigns.
This time, ‘Egyt’ is highly anticipated due to its reappearance after a long absence of 2 years, but it is difficult to acquire ‘Egyt’ GranWalker Nexus. For this reason, we plan to carry out store campaign and giveaways for ‘Egyt’ GranWalker Nexus in conjunction with the release of [True Rebirth Saga Vol.2]. Though further details will only be announced later, we will make the adjustment so that more users may get hold of the ‘Egyt’ GranWalker Nexus. Please look forward to it.
■ Regarding Collab Booster Pack SP
Regarding the Collab Booster Pack SP scheduled for September, it is a product made with the aim for easy usage and to be able to engage in on-the-spot battles. Each pack contains 10 cards, with only 4 packs are needed to start a battle. And each pack will have 1 core sheet to assist in battles.
Furthermore, the rarity only consists of common and rare cards which will be very easy to collect, and parallel cards limited to the 2 rarities are also in production.
This is a brand new product for the future to bring enjoyment and pleasure during battles and cards collecting. Please look forward to more information.

Regarding Events

■ Regarding Online Events
In order to ensure a safe and secured event participation amidst the covid pandemic, we had organized the 【Battle Spirits Online Meet-up Festival】 on June 5th. We will also strengthen the conduct of online events from now on.
There will be specific notices in the future, so I will first convey to you the outline of the event that is currently being prepared.

・An event where the prizes varied depending on game results

Stay tuned for future events.

We are grateful to everyone’s continued support for Battle Spirits.
Having received various opinions towards the products and events, in an effort to make all users who likes BS to be more involved, together, our staff members will strive to implement a variety of new projects. Additionally, after summer there will be new animation production, the release of home video game consoles and other plans to bring more fun-filled experience to all. We hope for your continued support and care for Battle Spirits.
Battle Spirits Producer