Greetings, to all Battle Spirits (refer as BS below) users.
I am the BS Producer, Yatsuki

[Battle Spirits –The Light Bearers-] was aired in January 2022 and the closure of Gallet Revolt’s story in [Battle Spirits Mirage]. After that, the card department released The True Rebirth Saga Vol.4 and announced the new series, Contract Saga. Have everyone enjoyed yourselves?

Cards from the Contract Saga are also being revealed gradually. This time, we would be talking about this year’s events revolving around the upcoming Contract Saga. “

《Contract Saga》

We have revealed the 6 [Contract X Rare] cards for the new gimmick, contract cards. Has everyone found their desired Contract spirit card? The biggest feature of the contract card is that 1 of them can be added into your hand at the start of the game. This was derived from our reflection to the complication of gameplay in the True Rebirth Saga.
The rebirth saga which started in 2019 brought about a new gimmick, Rebirth Card. Rebirth cards expanded the game play and increased the game’s depth and fun factor. However, it also increased the complicity of the game due to the increase in instances where effects happens at the same time. Due to the increase in difficulty of the game, new players faced difficulties during their battles. The BS team has reflected on this.

One of the key cards from the contract saga, Contract Card, can be added into your starting hand, allowing you to expand the deck and pursue the game with a nature that is convenient for all players to play. The cost of contact spirits in [The Contract Saga Vol.1 First Partner] are very low, especially designed for players to summon them at the start of the game. There are a lot of unrevealed cards. Please look forward to them.

《Regarding events and campaigns for the year》

■Regarding offline events
It is regretful that we have not hosted offline events for the whole of 2 years, since the spread of Covid19. Even though the treat of the virus has not been fully dismissed, we will be planning for offline events, with the assurance of our participants and staffs’ safety.

Even though BS could also be enjoyed through online platform like [Bandai TCG Connect], we hope to bring about the change to allow players battling each other face to face. We are currently planning for the events. The year of 2022 will be a year where we are striving to provide offline events.
■Regarding the development of events after Summer
We intend to produce more competitive events after Summer. Firstly, we will host Battlers Cup in conjunction with the release dates of products. The first Battlers Cup for Contract Saga is estimated to be in July, please look forward to it. We plan to host the players’ goals, [Battle Spirits Championship 2022 (tentative name)] in Autumn~Winter 2022. Players whose goals are to be the strongest battler can show their skills here.

We will try our best to host various events during this year. And to ensure the safety for everyone, there may be a limit to participants or pre-registration being required. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will continue to host online events like [Dai Kaihou Sai ONLINE].

As the new series Contract Saga is beginning. For more players to enjoy BS, the BS team will give it our all to plan. We hope for your continued support and care for Battle Spirits.

The next producer’s message will be after everyone starts playing Contract Cards.
Battle Spirits Producer