Arrival of new ability <Rebirth>!

What is [Rebirth Card]?

It is a card with both sides printed with effects, and can be flipped over for a new effect when conditions are fulfilled.

Arrival of new ability <Rebirth>!

Feature of [Rebirth Card]

① Double Sided Card
The front (A side) with cost at the top left corner is known as [Pre-rebirth], the back (B side) with cost at the top right corner is known as [Post-rebirth]. [Pre-rebirth] side is played first.
In the example of【The Bookshelf Valley of Hundred Consciousness】, pre and post [Rebirth] consist of two different type of cards.
Arrival of new ability <Rebirth>!

② <Rebirth> Effect
When a condition on a [Rebirth] card on the field is fulfilled, you can flip it. The process of flipping over to [Post-Rebirth] side is known as [Rebirth]
No cost needs to be paid when flipping a card to [Post-Rebirth]
Arrival of new ability <Rebirth>!

③ Usage of [Counter Area]
A new area will be added from [The Rebirth Saga]. When a card activates [Rebirth], a designated number of cores will be placed from the void to the [Counter Area].
Cores in the [Counter Area] is counted towards the total core count of the player.
Arrival of new ability <Rebirth>!
The number of counter is the condition for activating [Rebirth], or the target of other cards. For example, 【The Bookshelf Valley of Hundred Consciousness】can only [Rebirth] when your counter is at 3 or less.
Manage your counter to gain the advantages!

Important points regarding [Rebirth]

[Rebirth] card can be used in a deck together with the other cards. However, due to the back (B side) being different from the other cards, opaque sleeves must be used during a battle! When activating [Rebirth], the card is to be taken out of the opaque sleeves and flipped over. Alternatively, a checklist can be used but the [Rebirth] card is to be placed outside the deck.

For more information regarding how to play [Rebirth] cards, rules and the [Rebirth checklist card], read the rulebook to find out more!
Click here for Rulebook!