Battle Spirits Friendly Battle

Battle Spirits Friendly Battle
Important Things To Note When Joining
The Shop Preliminary Battle
  • ■ Please contact the participating shops to find out if the Shop Preliminary Battle is hosting as per normal.
  • ■ Please adhere to the safety precautions when joining official tournaments (Wearing of mask, washing and disinfecting of hands before the event).
  • ■ Please take your temperature at home, if there are any flu symptoms or having a fever of above 37.5°C, please do not join the battle.
  • ■ Shop owners also reserve the rights to request for a player to leave the shop premises or deny their entries should there be anyone deemed unwell.

Battle Spirits Friendly Battle in May

Period: May 10,2022 ~ June 9,2022

Collaboration Booster Battle
  • ◆ Participation of event with a team of 3 members.
  • ◆A maximum of 3 copies of cards of the same name may be used in the team’s decks.
  • ※A maximum of 1 copy can be used for the team for Restricted <1> cards.
  • ※A maximum of 20 copy can be used for the team for Restricted <20> cards.
  • ※Cards that can have any number placed in the deck are not restricted throughout the team.
  • ◆Only cards with block icon <7> ,<8> and <9> can be used.

Battle Spirits Friendly Battle in May

  • Participation Prize
    (1 set : 2 kinds/each 1pc)

  • BS56-073 Laser Volley

    Laser Volley

  • BS52-RV008 白晶防壁

    Diamond Wall

*1 set(2pcs card) for each team.

Battle Spirits Friendly Battle
Shop List

Rule & Notice

The competition will be held under the official rules as listed on the website!
Make sure to read the official rules and Q&A before joining the competition!

  • *If you are unsure about rules during a battle, or have any questions, raise your hand and have the store staff make a judgment, and follow that judgment.
    Please note that correct judgments cannot be made after the battle has progressed.
  • *Please try to proceed with the game as smoothly as possible.
  • *If you believe your opponent is taking too long to think, please call over a staff member.
  • *Repeated long periods of thinking, even if they are under 2 minutes, may be judged as intentionally delaying the game.
  • *Unofficial Battle Spirits cards, such as copied cards, may not be used.
  • *Competition format may differ depending on the Battle Spirits Shop.
  • *Please contact individual shops for details regarding the competition.
  • *Some competitions may have limitations such as age limit or require pre-application.
  • *Please check with the store before going to a competition.
  • *Merchandise contents are subject to change without notice.