Battle Spirits Championship 2020

Battle Spirits Championship 2020

Understanding the event flow till Finals!

  • *May be further postponed, depending on the situation of each area.
  • *Championship prizes may be sent via mail after the event.
!【Important things to take note of regarding Battle Spirits Championship 2020】

*To prevent the spread of Covid-19, please follow the following safety measures. We have consolidated the safety measures. We seek your cooperation to comply in efforts to ensure a smooth Championship.

■For Players:

  • •Mask must always be worn during the event.
  • •Players’ temperature must be taken before joining the event.
  • •Please do not join the event if your temperature is above 37.5oC, cough or any other flu symptoms
  • •Wash and disinfect your hands prior to joining the event.
  • •Avoid touching your opponent’s cards or cores. Should there be a need, please seek approval from the card owner.
  • *Please comply to the participating shop’s requests

■For Participating Shops:

  • Please disinfect the area (e.g. Tables and Chairs) that will be touched frequently by players during the event.
  • •Please ensure safe distancing and ensure good air ventilation.
  • •Please do not provide stationaries and recommend players to bring their own.
    Please assist in other safety measures like setting up table dividers
  • *Subjected to change.
  • *There will be no class difference for Battle Spirits Championship 2020

More details to be Announced!