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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[BS64]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.1 Flash Blade
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[BS64]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.1 Flash Blade
In stores May 27, 2023!

*Images may differ from final product.
*PProduct may be subjected to change.

The new series [Contract Saga: Kai] begins !
Red, Green and White Contract spirit cards with a good affinity with brave cards, will be featured!
Brave cards will be featured as weapons which Contract spirits cards like to use. Also, cards to strengthen Contract decks from [Contract Saga], Mega deck on sale in April, as well as some decks before [The True Rebirth Saga] will also be featured!
Featuring the brand new rarity [XV Rare] in anticipation of Battle Spirit’s 15th anniversary. [XV Rare] will feature total 20 types X Rare in the generation of Shounen Toppa Bashin by 5 types one time during years. There will also be a sercet version of [XV Rare] with a new illustration from an artist who hasn’t drawn for Battle Spirits before.
Box campaign promotion is card sleeve based on the booster pack design of BS01 to BS05, 1 out of the 5 types of sleeves will be included (20pcs in every pack).

[BS64]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.1 Flash Blade
[BS64]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.1 Flash Blade
Card types

Total 107


Common:60 types, Rare:18 types, Master rare:12 types, Contract X rare:3 types, X rare:9 types, XV rare:5 types

In stores May 27, 2023!

  • * 9 cards in each booster pack
  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from May 27, 2023.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subjected to change.
  • * 20 parallel rare included in this product.

Product Introduction

Introducing 3 new Contract Spirits!

  • BS64-CX01
  • BS64-CX02
  • BS64-CX03

Featuring Contract Priestess, Toa’s Contract Spirits in Red, Green, White colours!

The all new Contract Spirit Weapon
[Brave Engage] has arrived!

  • BS64-X09

By braving with the specific Contract Spirit, a powerful effect [Brave Engage] can be activated!
With Counters you can keep activating the effects, a new type of Brave card!

TA 15th Year Anniversary Rarity
[XV-Rare] is here!

  • BS64-XV01

20 types of X-Rare which was shown during the anime [Shouen Toppa Bashin] will be reworked and included in each main set 5 types each throughout the year.
In addition, the secret version for the 5 types of [XV Rare] included this time will be drawn by the famous illustrator [獅子猿] for the very first time!

Sudden Contract deck for
「Partner Eagle, Gatt」

  • BS64-CX01
  • BS64-X07
  • BS64-XV01

By discarding a card from your hand, the effect of your Contract Spirit, [Partner Eagle, Gatt], protects your life against opposing Spirit/Ultimate of BP15000 or lower.
This deck uses Brave Engage card, [The Spinning Sky Blade, Zweizer], to core boost and draw cards and battle using [The DragonEmperor Siegfried XV] to directly rob your opponent of their life.

Flower Contract deck for
「Partner Flower, Frau」

  • BS64-CX02
  • BS64-X08
  • BS64-XV03

Using Contract Spirit, [Partner Flower, Frau] and Brave engage [The Jade Flower Spear, Bloom Stem] as a base, there is the additional effect of life recovery and damage reduction on top of the traditional style for Green to core boost and exhaust!
In addition, this deck sets up by drawing and core boost through life reduction and use [The Emperor KaiseAtlus XV] to banish opposing spirits and attack with multiple symbols at 1 go.

Zero Contract deck for
「Partner Zero, Wiz」

  • BS64-CX03
  • BS64-X09
  • BS64-XV04

Making use of the [Cannot be blocked] effect of Contract Spirit [Partner Zero, Wiz] to accurately aim for your opponent’s life while using the trash retrieval effect [Energize] and Brave engage [The Astral Nought Sword, Faunser] to gather your hand, and using [The Gigantic Thor XV] to continuously attack while refreshing!

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