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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[BS65]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.2 Rivalry
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[BS65]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.2 Rivalry
In stores August 26, 2023!

*Images may differ from final product.
*Product may be subjected to change.

Introducing Purple, Yellow and Blue Brave x Contract decks !
Featuring Purple, Yellow and Blue Contract spirits that are compatible with Braves!
In addition, a [Contract Ultimate] will also be featured, allowing the construction of a deck revolving around Ultimate Trigger.
Multiple cards to strengthen [Partner Eagle, Gatt], [Partner Flower, Frau] and [Partner Zero, Wiz] from [Contract Saga: Kai Vol.1 Flash Blade] will be included !
As Box Topper Campaign, 1 out of 5 types of sleeves of cutscenes from [Ultimate Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero ~Battle Spirits~] will be included.

[BS65]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.2 Rivalry
[BS65]Contract Saga: Kai Vol.2 Rivalry
Card types

Total 108 types


Common:60 types, Rare:18 types, Master rare:12 types, Contract X rare:4 types, X rare:9 types, XV rare:5 types

In stores August 26, 2023!

  • * 9 cards in each booster pack
  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from August 26, 2023.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subjected to change.
  • *This Product includes 27 secret cards.

Product Introduction

Featuring 3 Types of New Contract Spirits!

  • BS65-CX01
  • BS65-CX02
  • BS65-CX03

Featuring [Contract Miko Toa]’s Contract spirits of Purple, Yellow and Blue colors.
This set also includes [Brave Engage], where you can construct a deck suitable with Brave cards!

Featuring Ultimate Contract card,
[Ulti Partner, Zetter]!

  • BS65-CX04
  • BS65-057
  • BS65-053

Featuring new Contact ultimate card, [Ulti Partner, Zetter]!
An [Ulti Contract] deck that fully utilizes Ultimate Trigger can be made just from this set!

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