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Battle Spirits [CB02] Digimon Super Evolution !
Battle Spirits [CB02] Digimon Super Evolution !
Battle Spirits [CB02] Digimon Super Evolution !
  • *Images may differ from final product.
  • *Product may be subject to change.

Finally [Digimon] has join the fight in Battle Spirits !
The all time favorite [Digimon] will appear in a never since before illustration !

Card types
Total 68 types
45 Commons, 24 Rares, 8 Master Rares, 8 X Rares , 1 XX Rare
  • *The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from September 30th (Sat.) 2017.

In stores September 30th (Sat.) 2017!

  • 新効果【進化】と【超進化】 Click here for more details about the new effects
    [Evolution] and [Super Evolution]!
  • Awesome cards in Digimon Super Evolution ! Booster Here are the features for these awesome cards !
  • [Important Announcement] Apologies for text misprint and correction

    There was a text misprint in [CB02] Collaboration Booster Digimon Super Evolution!

    We sincerely apologize to all customers and official persons for the trouble we have caused.

    The details are as follows below:


    Lv1,Lv2 [When this Spirit is summoned] which was printed on CB02-001 [Agumon] is treated as Lv1,Lv2,Lv3 [When this Spirit is summoned]


    [When this Spirit is depleted/destroyed] which was printed on CB02-042 [Wizardmon] and CB02-049 [Whamon] is treated as [When this Spirit is depleted/destroyed by your opponent]

    Please be reminded that these erratas are effective during official tournaments, unofficial tournaments, and free play.
    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

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