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Battle Spirits Trading Card Game
[BSC38]X Rare Pack 2021
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[BSC38]X Rare Pack 2021
Now on sale!

*Images may differ from final product. *Product may be subjected to change.

1 X rare or Rebirth X rare in every pack! Reprint of the 6 popular Rebirth X rares, [World]! Inclusive of many highly popular cards. Furthermore, they are foiled!
The highest number of parallel cards at 24 different types!

[BSC38]X Rare Pack 2021
[BSC38]X Rare Pack 2021
Card types

Total 78


30 Common, 12 Rare, 12 Master Rare, 18 X Rare, 6 X Rebirth Rare.
※24 Parallel Rare

On sale May 29(Sat.) 2021!

  • 8 cards in each booster pack
  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from May 29(Sat.) 2021.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subject to change.
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