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[CB11]Collaboration Booster Digimon

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[CB11]Collaboration Booster Digimon LAST EVOLUTION
Now on sale!

©本郷あきよし・東映アニメーション ©BANDAI ©BNP
*Images may differ from final product. *Product may be subjected to change.

Together with the theater release of『デジモンアドベンチャー LAST EVOLUTION 絆』, Digimons that appeared in 『Digimon Adventure』 and 『Digimon Adventure 02』will be included in this set.
New cards and reprint cards will also be in the Line up for this set. Form new Digimon decks with [Tachi & Yamato]/[Daisuke & Ken] !!

[CB11]Collaboration Booster Digimon LAST EVOLUTION
[CB11]Collaboration Booster Digimon LAST EVOLUTION
Card types

Total 70+8


30 Common, 24 Rare, 8 Master Rare, 6 X Rare, 2 XX Rare, 8 Promotion cards

On sale February 29 (Sat.) 2020!

  • 6 cards in each booster pack
  • * The cards included in this pack may be used in official tournaments from February 29 (Sat.) 2020.
  • * Images may differ from final product.
  • * Product may be subject to change.
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